Inspiring different perspectives

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

I am back with a new blog. Inspiring different perspectives is the project’ s main mission and from this moment on I will try to share with you everything is connected with my life and shapes my design way. Just bespoke experiences.I want to start with some good words taken from Herzog in Afrika by Steff Gruber, the making of  Cobra Verde (1987) by Werner Herzog. I admire the courage shown by Herzog in every film, his moral integrity and visionary ability. He has worked many times in extreme conditions, turning imagination into reality. To transform his dreams into films, he has been willing to do anything and proves that to enter new horizons you need a lot of determination. And when a dream comes true, soon another one is to accomplish. I quote a significant fragment of the director Steff Gruber’s interview to Werner Herzog:

 Steff Gruber :

<The Swiss writer Kurt Guggenheim wrote a sentence that I would mention because when I had just read it, it reminded me of your films: “It is not the adventure end in itself that we seek, but that action that throws light on a bold new life, still unknown.>

Werner Herzog :

<It ‘s a nice phrase, I am the kind of person who can not do with the adventure. I mean the adventure end in itself…The concept itself of adventure is very ambiguous. Suffice is to think about the misuse of the word when in the advertising they speak about “adventure-travel”. It is a horrible and criminal word, created by a misuse of the language, spread in recent years. But in the meaning used in that sentence, the word is closely related to me. In life, everyone looks for something that still has not seen, that opens new horizons…something that can change an entire life, or the circumstances. We find ourselves to explore territories until then only imagined, that suddenly come to life, or that, as in my case, are enclosed in a film, they are captured.>

It is strange to watch a young Werner Herzog stating:

<Sometimes we are like blind men, forced to develop other senses. Hearing, smell, must be perfect…We need to develop greater sensitivity.>

It strange because those words are still true. And they represent my personal challenge to turn dreams into reality.


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