Transforming chaos into beauty

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

Antibodies | Fernando e Humberto Campana 1989-2010 | Triennale | Milano | Italy

Sushi IV 2003

“The art of survival”  is how the Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto, describe the contradictory and paradoxical objects and furniture / sculptures  that they create one by one in the Estúdio Campana, housed in an old garage in the district of Santa Cecilia, in Sao Paulo. Here the thought is translated into design for an advanced multiculturalism. Objects that were also produced in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, because as they point out it is in the slums that a person become craftsman for necessity. The methodology is to extrapolate from their original context recycled, recovered materials and objects, to group them and to form a new cluster. Even through a clever fusion of natural and synthetic materials.Two brothers who come from different careers (Fernando got an architecture degree, whereas Humberto a law degree) and have worked together since 1989 with great complicity and inexhaustible creativity. In order to create their poetic objects they are inspired by the richness of the Brazilian rainforest, the spontaneity of street vendors, the strong contrast between wealth and poverty, the huts of poverty, the Portuguese Baroque,  certain films (Pasolini, Fellini and Totò), some projects (Lina Bo Bardi) and some music (Rita Pavone). To make a fertile soil and bring forth to a visually exuberant language, a bizarre, shameless, surreal and chromatically alive style.

The Triennale exhibition is a good opportunity to get in touch with these objects, some of them are shown for the first time, but it is really a pity that the exhibition design is boring, no inspiring and not interactive. You can have the chance to visit it until the 16th of january 2011.

Fragments 2010

Anemona 2000

Left 2 Right Ramoscello 2010 | Shark 2000 | Cafè Chair 2007

Gallon Lamp 6 2007

Sushi 2002

Left 2 Right Untitled 2006 | Untitled 2008 | Aguapè 2007

 Cabana 2010

all pictures are by Andrea Paoletti


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