Would you join a suburb cycling holiday?

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

I have recently attended the presentation of an interesting work, which used a psycho-geographic approach to landscape. It may sound strange, but changing the landscape visualization, you can look at a secondary landscape, not as a place to be exploited but as a resource.

An old stolen land may become a new opportunity. To live in the suburbs. A buffer space, as required by the difference. Cities need unusual and atypical conditions and differences just to generate sense, since it is precisely the unusual buildings and spaces, large or small, that make the city memorable. It should also be considered that urban dwellers are increasingly diverse, and therefore, the heterogeneity of urban structures become a necessity. Arianna Forcella (photographer | sociologist) and Carmen Zuleta Ferrari (architect) have created a tool to describe this reality: a guide. Because they think it is an ideal tool to collect all the informations of a territory, to express the evolution and understand what is significant for that territory. Diario di una bicicletta is a guide to the central part of Parco Media Valle del Lambro, located between San Maurizio al Lambro, and the Tangenziale Est Milano, belonging partly to the municipality of Cologno Monzese and partly to Sesto San Giovanni. Diario di una bicicletta is built on a conventional information base structured in map guides, and also inserts other tips and suggestions on topics and routes.It is an information box designed through different languages and made of city maps, regional and thematic maps, various iconography, drawings, architectural drawings, pictures, insights and suggestions. The bicycle is proposed as means of exploration and to experience the park. Even more provocative, but clever the proposal of a suburb cycling holiday between historical, industrial, socio-cultural and in transformation landscapes. An incisive video, made of stories fo people living in this territory, enriches the project giving a comprehensive overview of this rich reality. In progress and with great potential.

To watch the video please press here.


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