Landscape + Architecture + Surprising variety of perspectives

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

Stadelhofen railway station | Zurich | Switzerland

Steel Flanges with Transparent Laminated Glass

Back from Zurich I want to write about a good combination of architecture and landscape design.

Santiago Calatrava designed the Stadelhofen railway Station in Zurich in the 80ies and even I am not a fan of his sculpture / architecture, this is for real a good result.

The duality of the mountain and the valley, which arises from the positioning of the railway line, is emphasised by the structural elements in between. Light steel bridges connect both areas. The entire eastern side’s structure is tied into this hill. Calatrava created a perfect compromise, undercutting and redefining the hillside to create an open platform and the feeling of space by using laminated glass and cables.

The overhead walkway’s load is not only supported by the cantilever on the level below, but also by the steel suspension members that tie into the cement wall along the hillside on the backside of the station. The space is made more complete by the metal cables that span the overhead steel members running parallel with the walkway. With a greenery on the top in order to give shadow during summer time.

While the station is largely hidden from view as you approach from the town centre, there is a surprising variety of perspectives within the station itself. Walkways extend along the length of the track at four levels: the platforms themselves, an underground arcade beneath them, the promenade re-forming the hillside and the original hillside above that.

Steel Flanges Supporting Concrete Cantilever

Steel and Concrete Bridge Spanning Over the Tracks

Steel Flanges Supporting Concrete Cantilever


Reinforced Concrete Beams in the Underground Arcade

All pictures are by Andrea Paoletti


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