Wooden collaborative landscape

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

Walking around the University of California, Berkeley was interested to observe people moviments and behaviours. How they use and interact with public spaces. Last year a team of Landscape and Architecture graduate students rethought a little known courtyard on the northeast corner of Wurster Hall, they made a folding wooden bench to accommodate and enhanced diverse activities: outdoor classroom, plant demonstration area, work space. The concept splits, folds, and stretches a conventional idea of bench to respond to human scale and formally responds to the variable positions in which one might sit. The construction method borrows from details of existing attachments to Wurster Hall, and creates a new habitat for an existing vine. To serve as foundations, six concrete stem walls anchor in place a series of sandwiched welded angle steel profiles acting as the main structure. The steel holds sustainably harvested redwood members to form the surface while still revealing the structure underneath. Curious to see other designed objects such as wall-seddle chairs, wooden coloured striped benches, grass pallet lawn chairs and a wooden collaborative loveseat.


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