What do people want ?

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

uuushh networks

Diagram of a scale-free network | University of Chicago

When I first arrived in San Francisco, I said that I wanted to go around to visit interesting realities famous for their collaborative environments. What I feel is that here, at the moment, is a trendy issue to design participative offices but I am curious to see how they are developed and how people are engaged in the process. Because in my opinion people need to be involved from the beginning and they are the central point of all the project. We have to stay with them. They need to be observed, listened, actively involved and guided. Because the social change (and therefore the business change) starts from here. We say that innovation happens at the edge, and open source creates value. So how can the space design get the people together and inspire a new model of business? How can we drive different ways of connection to make the change happen? I know it is complex but it is challenging. Let’s share ideas to focus more in details the big issue.


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