Imagining the new Hub Oaxaca space

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

After my American adventure in San Francisco I have just started to face a new experience in the Hub world. I am in Oaxaca, a Mexican town of culture and tradition. The Hub opened its doors a year-and-half ago connecting, supporting and inspiring local social innovators.

The project was started by a local group with the support of London Hub team members,  helping them analyze a feasability study of Oaxaca;  guiding the project through the process. Hub Oaxaca is based in an old building from the XVIII century, known as Casa de los Tres Patios (literally “house of three courtyards”) and it is part of the historical centre, a protected UNESCO World Heritage site. The community is growing (they have 85 members so far) and they want to expand from the pilot space. They invited me to organize a co-design workshop about imagining the new space. There are two options: stay in the same space and rent a new area for expansion ; or move to a new building. I have been meeting Hub members, trying to get to know them better, asking for suggestions and ideas.  Then on next Tuesday we will make a two hour-and-half day session in which we are inviting members to come, work together, think about and design the future of the Hub Oaxaca space!  

They organized an interesting event called La Lucha-Hechos de Desechos, a workshop to reuse waste materials for furniture. 


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