Koki Beach: eco-recycled environment

This post was written by Andrea Paoletti

It has been a while I wanted to post some pics of this amazing place that I visited in Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica. I was there during my inspirational journey through Central America. Koki Beach, a restaurant (they use only local food) and lounge bar really inspired me for its eco-recycled characteristics.  It embraces the environment and community in which it lives, re-thinking the Caribbean house model, working with principally local materials, artisans and incorporating reused, reclaimed and repurposed elements. The owners and designers created a nice Wi-Fi (free) spot strong in his potentiality as showroom of local craftsmanship and as example in showing how to create new ways of business, with a social and environmentally friendly purpose. The terrace is raised 60 cm above ground providing an excellent view over main street and the beach. Local river stones held in large steel baskets were used for the foundation and as element of design for the bar back wall. The main dining area surrounds the large trees that provide a cool shade and a gentle breeze from the ocean. The terrace itself is constructed from a rare reddish colored hardwood that was salvaged from a fallen tree during a storm in the area. The lamps are a combination of carvings by the local indigenous community in Bribri and the local artisan ReciCaribe that provided their expertise in repurposing empty wine bottles. A group of women produced handmade placemats that were weaved by using recycled the plastic banana bags. The wood supplied by dismantling a mountain house piece by piece was a wealth of materials and they used the walls to make chairs and the tables are the old windows and doors. It tells a story. The  lounge pillows were designed using the colored and soft material of local hammocks. And to complete the project they designed also the garden following sustainable principles with indigenous plants from the area and provides a living environment for the local wildlife such as humming birds, iguanas and squirrels. What a great experience having a good mojito in that environment!

Concept: Chris Ericsson, Jorge Polanco and Stephen Silvestri
Furniture design: Jorge Polanco
Landscape: Chris Ericsson
Architectural design: Stephen Silvestri


2 thoughts on “Koki Beach: eco-recycled environment

  1. oh, I was imagining all the laughter and good times this place has seen. It is a fine example creativity and recycling–reclaiming. It has so much character and causes the mind to imagine what it all was before a place of laughter. Thanks for posting.

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