Collaborative departure points in Milan

This post is written by Andrea Paoletti

Barra A – reception (by Contropogetto) + Avanzi office

It has been a while since I had these pics on my laptop. I visited these two place’s as I had heard that they were unique, I was especially curious about their types of collaborative spaces.

Santeria – Cafeteria

Santeria is a multiple-use space, with a mingling courtyard surrounded by a nice hipster-style shop and a cafeteria. The Cafeteria is a great meeting place for people, friends or why not clients (informally)?  It has a great flexible open space that is used as an exhibition area / workshop. On the first floor there is a space with small private offices but at the same time they decided to leave an open space free to rent as a coworking space. It’s very minimal, they keep it very essential and not really attractive but it’s good to know that if you are in Milan for some days here you can ‘hot desk it’, find yourself a desk and maybe, working together and gathering with other people new conversations can start and maybe also ideas and projects.

Barra A – open office and mezzanine

Not too far from here there is another space, Barra A by SuperCake, they like to say that it’s a habitat where ideas become social business. Everything was started by Avanzi because they needed an office but wanted to share their space with others such as small social enterprises in order to help them share tools, implement experiences and maximise opportunities from these new connections and get open collaborations. Creating a new cultural hub, a place for debates, meetings, ideas.

Santeria – co-working

Santeria – courtyard

Santeria – details

Santeria – details

Barra A – details

Barra A – details

Barra A – details

Barra A – details (by Controprogetto)

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