Creating a context of Collaboration

/// This post is written by Andrea Paoletti

Beyond the physical space is the need to create a working environment. The rhythm of the space comes from the events that are held inside it and the experiences that members can share.


Structured occasions often infuse a co-working space with energy. For example, working hours, speed networking and business clinics foster professional development opportunities while casual gatherings including meals, concerts, film screenings and exhibitions can be a good way for the community to relax together.


Co-working spaces that enhance collaboration among users can experience successful outcomes for start-up projects and freelance workers. This is because they draw on the resources within the community and creates an environment for members to push themselves outside their comfort zone.


Yet, creating this kind of space starts at the very beginning and is critical for design professionals to consider when taking on a co-working project.

We would like to get in contact with realities (clients or not) interested in these topics and begin new work and collaborations. If you are interested, write to us at


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