International consultants uuushh* (Cristina Rebolo and Andrea Paoletti) we are leaders in the field of community development, cocreation and collaborative spaces.

We specialise in taking the strategy of a space and involving the community in the design and development. With an extensive background in architecture and cocreation, the experience of uuushh* is that the most successful spaces are made by people who go on to work, live and grow in the environment.

Creating a collaborative space is about just that – collaboration and the space.

 The design phase is crucial to making a environment where people want to be. Where the workers can and WILL come together. But this cooperation begins long before the doors to your collaborative space open.

 uuushh* know that the appearance of a workspace is only half of the equation. The other main ingredient is the people who use it.

 Our portfolio includes work on Impact Hub sites around the world and for the past year we have nurtured our own collaborative space projects – Casa Netural in Italy and 28 y medio in Tenerife. This experience has allowed us to live, 100 per cent, the philosophy of shared environments.

 What can we offer?

uuushh* is ready to facilitate the development of your plan from the beginning: to design for impact, consider the people of your project and honour your needs and creative influences. We are available for international consultation through google+ hangouts and are eager to take on your vision.